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30 ferramentas gratuitas de redes sociais e como utilizá-las


You will learn...

  • How to take advantage of 30 free tools for social media marketing
  • 6 key uses for each tool: monitoring, competitive analysis, research, engaging key influencers, general measurement, and alert reporting
  • How to evaluate what your business is trying to accomplish with social media before selecting these tools

Discover 30 great social media tools that will help you optimize customer engagement, reach brand influencers, conduct deep competitive analysis, and more. Have a pen and paper handy, because you will walk away with a list of useful tools and practical knowledge to apply to your business.

Managing Partner, NordicClick Interactive

Adam is a seasoned online marketing executive who has a passion for helping clients use online channels to grow their business. As a practical marketer, his ability to get at the heart of the core business issues, establish measurable goals, and map the appropriate online tactics to further those objectives has served his clients well.

Having been in Internet Marketing since 1998, Adam has worked with startups to Fortune 500 clients. He has spoken previously at PubCon, MDMA, SEMPO, and OMS. He is also an instructor at the Online Marketing institute and is currently Managing Partner of NordicClick Interactive, based in Minneapolis.

Title Duration
30 ferramentas gratuitas de redes sociais e como utilizá-las 28 min.

Class Information

Rating: 3.5
Length: 28 min.
Instructor: Adam Proehl  
Level: Intermediário
Type: Básico
Published: 09/14/2012
Updated: 09/14/2012
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