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Category: Analytics

Facebook Tools Guide: 9 Platforms to Improve your Fan Reach

Over the last few weeks you will probably have noticed that your reach is going down on Facebook. This means your updates may not be delivered to as many people as before.

One solution to this problem is to spend money on advertising.  But while this will solve your problem, it’s an expensive solution.… Read more…

5 Ways to Turn Big Data Into Insight and Action

As it has been shown in a variety of ways over the past decade or so, the days of math-less, mindless, off-the-hip marketing have long set sail. So how do the once gun-slinging marketers of the past begin to tackle the voluminous unstructured data that is collected from nontraditional sources to harness… Read more…

5 Web Analytics Truths for Smart Digital Marketing

web analytics truths

In the past, marketers were always looking for useful data—analytics data that would justify the dollars (and time) spent advertising and promoting their product or service. But now, there is often an over-abundance of data. It’s everywhere—web, mobile, social, offline etc. So where do you… Read more…

4 Tips for Using Google Analytics to Measure AdWords Performance

Google Analytics Measurement for AdWords

Many businesses both large and small rely heavily on Google AdWords to drive qualified visitors to their websites and mobile sites. Some run these AdWords campaigns quite effectively, while others have their campaigns on a “set and forget” mode. If you fall into the latter category, your campaigns… Read more…

AdWords Conversion Tracking vs. Google Analytics Goal Completions

adwords goal completions

Wondering what’s the difference between AdWords conversion tracking and goal completions in Analytics? For starters, they are not reporting the same data, so do not expect the two to match. Because of this, both tracking codes can be on the same page without interfering with one another.

The… Read more…

4 Guidelines to Using Marketing Analytics for Customer Retention and Lifetime Value

marketing analytics dashboard

Put yourself in the place of this hypothetical marketing team under pressure to drive revenue from a new product line that had been introduced in the previous quarter with disappointing results. The CMO tells her team, “Fix the problem.” She wants new customers for this high-end line of tennis Read more…

Web Analytics: Why You Should Still Look at Your Raw Data

Website Analytics

When you think about how much time you spend in your various analytics platforms, I bet you haven’t really divided up your work between pre-packaged “Cooked” reports and actual raw data.  Pre-packaged would include custom queries, comparison tables, excel inspired dashboards with lots … Read more…

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