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Why You Should Use A/B Testing to Refine Your Online Marketing

For those of us who work in marketing, we know the value of a hunch. That gut-feeling. We use it a lot to brainstorm new campaigns, solve problems, and direct our social media posts. There’s merit to the gut-feeling technique, it’s true. But there’s a downside too – your hunch might not always be right. […]

How A/B Testing Strategies Can Help You Make Better Decisions

A Q&A with Chris Goward, Author of “You Should Test That!” This week, we are sitting down with Chris Goward, the author of “You Should Test That!”, a book that teaches the processes, frameworks and techniques of scientific marketing to make better decisions and achieve industry-leading results. Featuring case studies of real tests plus many […]

Predictive Intelligence: The Fuel for Successful B2B Marketing

Consider this scenario: A regional bank is evaluating providers to help it migrate its financial management applications to the cloud. The cross-functional decision-making team is spread across offices and communicates heavily over tools like Skype. In addition to the time team members spend evaluating the websites of you and your competitors, they also search, read […]

How To Use Predictive Intelligence to Target the Right Buyers and Close More Deals

With 60 to 90 percent of buyers making their purchase decisions before they hit an organization’s sales funnel, marketing and sales are turning to predictive intelligence to capture unknown prospects and target the right leads. As I have been working with enterprise companies on their lead generation pain points for over 14 years, there are several […]

6 Facebook Page Statistics You Need to Know, Part 2

Last week, we shared with you the first part of our blog installment, 6 Facebook Page Statistics You Need to Know, based on our conversation with Emeric Ernoult, CEO of Agorapulse. See a full recap here and the continued list below. Facebook metric #4: Storytellers What is it? The “Storytellers”, called “People Talking About This” […]

6 Facebook Page Statistics You Need to Know, Part 1

You’ve created quality Facebook content, but now what? How do you measure the performance of your Facebook Page? With so many metrics to track, it can be hard to break through the clutter. To determine the metrics that really matter, why, and what they can teach you, we spoke with Emeric Ernoult, CEO of Facebook […]

Not All Big Data is Created Equal

“In 2014, big data will finally be put to good use as marketers stop waiting for insights to reveal themselves and start finding actionable paths through the information.” – Forrester Consulting Industry experts are saying that 2014 will be the year for data-driven marketing, especially for B2B marketers. While the more sophisticated and technology-enabled marketers (read: B2C) […]

5 Approaches for Making Sense of the Data Kaleidoscope

Today’s marketers have a nearly infinite amount of data at our disposal, and to be successful we must have the ability to analyze the millions or billions of bits and pieces of raw data and produce patterns. While reflecting on how to collect and analyze this immense amount of data, I recall fond memories of […]

Facebook Tools Guide: 9 Platforms to Improve your Fan Reach

Over the last few weeks you will probably have noticed that your reach is going down on Facebook. This means your updates may not be delivered to as many people as before. One solution to this problem is to spend money on advertising.  But while this will solve your problem, it’s an expensive solution. An […]

5 Ways to Turn Big Data Into Insight and Action

As it has been shown in a variety of ways over the past decade or so, the days of math-less, mindless, off-the-hip marketing have long set sail. So how do the once gun-slinging marketers of the past begin to tackle the voluminous unstructured data that is collected from nontraditional sources to harness the power of […]

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