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Category: Email Marketing

How well do you know digital marketing?

Do you & your team have the digital marketing expertise to succeed?

Many marketers don’t, and this lack of critical skills is inhibiting career and business growth.

In fact, OMI’s State of Digital Talent study that only 8% of advertising & marketing executives believe their… Read more…

6 Ideas for Growing Your Small Business Email List

Email List Sign Up Example

If you’re driving traffic to your website, you probably have conversion goals that tie directly back to revenue: lead, sale, phone call etc.

But after only 1 visit, many visitors might not be ready to convert. You can increase the likelihood of them returning to your site by providing easy and … Read more…

10 Tips for Increasing Your Email Open Rates

Are your email response rates dropping? Are your open rates getting worrisome? If you’re feeling discouraged, don’t be. The good news is there are steps you can take to improve your open rates. Here are ten tips to try:

1. Set the Right Expectations

Nothing will harm your email marketing open… Read more…

4 Best Practices for Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile Email Marketing

We’ve known for a while now that mobile is a critical factor in all things marketing. This is particularly true for email marketing today. Between October 2010 and October 2012, mobile email opens increased by a whopping 300%

According to Litmus Labs, 42% of the email client market share is on a mobile… Read more…

5 Tips for Writing Killer Email Copy

Email Subject Line Examples

While social media marketing might get all the attention, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers and nurture your audience. In fact, according to the B2B Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 74% of B2B marketers think email marketing is critical to their success.

Whether… Read more…

5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

The inbox is very powerful because most are now connected to smartphones and as we all know we’re a bunch of smart phone addicts. An email notification appearing is a quick moment to grab their attention. Chirp goes the phone, unlock the screen – don’t let them down! Lack luster subject lines… Read more…

6 Tips for Email Frequency

Email Marketing Guidelines

After spending days working on copy for a client’s email campaign, I started thinking about the age old question of how much really is too much. No matter what, you always want to have an onboarding/welcome campaign going on, but what happens after that? Do you send weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Every… Read more…

Email Copy That Converts: 5 Tips for Success from Roberta Rosenberg

Roberta Rosenberg

We’re just 27 days away from the start of the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit—the leading online event for accelerating social media and digital revenue. To give you a taste of the great education we have in store for you, I interviewed #OMISummit speaker Roberta Rosenberg.

I’ve … Read more…

2012 Online Marketing Trends Revisited

We’re more than halfway through 2012—it’s time to review what online trends have taken off, what’s fizzled out, and where we are going in the last half of 2012.

Deals & Rewards

With the IPO flop of Groupon and many companies not finding ongoing new customer acquisition through these… Read more…

The Marriage of Social Media & Email

One of the more recent and consistent questions I seem to get from clients is “how do I increase awareness of my email program?” followed almost instantly by “how do I get more social followers?”. So many marketers still see email and social media each set in their own silo. By doing this, they … Read more…

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