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Auto Pilot Your Email Marketing with Automated Workflows

email automated workflow

Email marketing is one of the most effective avenues out there to reach customers. As the organic reach of B2C social channels (looking at you, Facebook) decreases, and SEO becomes ever more dependent on content marketing, the importance of leveraging every inch of email increases. Smart businesses are integrating their email efforts more and more […]

How to Segment Your Mailing List for More Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best tools in your digital marketing arsenal, and it should be used as a tool – carefully and with precise aim. Too many businesses still use email as a sort of spray-and-pray campaign, trusting in a big mailing list to bring in at least a few sales, even if […]

Making the Most of a First Time Buyer

first time buyer

It’s great news – a new customer slid all the way down your sales funnel, and finally made a purchase! Don’t leave it there. The fact that you have a new customer means that you’re doing some things right, like lead generation and nurturing. Now you have a chance to convince your new buyer that […]

7 Steps to Effective Lead Nurturing: Reactivate Your Email Lists in 2015

email marketing

Do you struggle with email marketing? You’re not alone. B2B marketers often underestimate the efforts needed to remain in front of their hot leads. Their typically long sales cycles make it all too easy to deviate from the strategic and systematic follow-ups needed to push leads into the customer realm. According to Forrester, 50% of […]

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: Weighing Your Business Priorities

email newsletter

If you’re here, you probably spend a good chunk of your time reading up on marketing and digital to stay current. Social media marketing certainly feels like the wave of the future; every day there are 10 more reasons to focus your time (and budget) on connecting socially to grow your business. It’s a common […]

Why You Should Use A/B Testing to Refine Your Online Marketing

For those of us who work in marketing, we know the value of a hunch. That gut-feeling. We use it a lot to brainstorm new campaigns, solve problems, and direct our social media posts. There’s merit to the gut-feeling technique, it’s true. But there’s a downside too – your hunch might not always be right. […]

Why Your Small Business Needs Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Direct Mail

Every small business is constantly marketing itself – whether that means reaching out to new customers, asking existing customers for repeat business, or attracting new customers via word of mouth and online marketing. Unfortunately, some small business owners fall into a trap of relying too heavily on only one type of marketing and ignoring the […]

How to Create Successful Emails on a Small Budget

Email marketing is not easy. Inbox competition is fierce, and customers and prospects are fickle. Fortunately, even small budget email campaigns can be crafted to deliver big readership and response rates.  The secret? Tapping into the decision-making shortcuts that both consumers and business customers use. Once you know what shortcuts people default to, you’ll know […]

How well do you know digital marketing?

Do you & your team have the digital marketing expertise to succeed? Many marketers don’t, and this lack of critical skills is inhibiting career and business growth. In fact, OMI’s State of Digital Talent study that only 8% of advertising & marketing executives believe their digital talent is strong in all areas of digital marketing. Do you want to […]

6 Ideas for Growing Your Small Business Email List

Email List Sign Up Example

If you’re driving traffic to your website, you probably have conversion goals that tie directly back to revenue: lead, sale, phone call etc. But after only 1 visit, many visitors might not be ready to convert. You can increase the likelihood of them returning to your site by providing easy and obvious ways for them […]

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