How to Engage the B2B Buyer Strategically

Create a framework for nurturing leads to business.

How To
32 min
Digital Advertising & Affiliates

Today’s B2B marketing landscape has changed. "Buyer 2.0 is" more sophisticated than ever and has the ability to get more information on their own to better arm themselves with product and vendor information before they need to engage with sellers directly. Therefore, today’s marketer must act strategically and speak to the buyer in a way that addresses their pain points, delivering relevant content for each stage of the buying cycle. This shift from tactical to strategic is new for most marketers. Developing a solid, actionable plan around the entire buying cycle is essential for driving revenue.

You Will Learn

  • How to define today's B2B buyer—what's changed, and how you can reach "buyer 2.0"
  • How to develop a strategic framework for managing buyer dialogue that addresses pain points and delivers relevant content for each stage of the buying cycle
  • Tips for aligning sales and marketing
  • Best practices for creating content for each stage of the sales cycle


Instructor: Carlos Hidalgo

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