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Research and Planning
23 min
Social Media Marketing

Best Practices for Business to Business Video

Take advantage of the video opportunity.

Video offers customers a different platform to engage and learn about your brand. This B2B social media marketing class shows marketers how to create, implement, and launch videos that drive B2B engagement. Successful B2B video marketing strategies often include; calls to action on YouTube, engaged informative video content, and fully optimized video pages. Optimized video content on various platforms like YouTube, for example, can increase organic visibility and brand awareness. Best Practices for Business to Business Video, instructed by expert in marketing, Leslie Drate, provides the tools necessary to properly optimize videos that will lead to increased video engagement and greater brand awareness.

You Will Learn

  • Current video statistics
  • Calls to action on YouTube and other sites
  • Case studies on Cisco's use of video

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OMI training not only helped our New Social Media team accelerate our corporate wide initiative to standardize social practices; it also enabled us to create new winning digital marketing strategies. The training was a really great turning point for us.

LaSandra Brill

Senior Manager of Global Social Media