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43 min
Content Marketing

Content is Opportunity: Developing Content for Every Stage in the Buying Cycle

Nurture more leads to revenue with relevant content.

When it comes to marketing your brand and maximizing earned media, the value of content as part of the marketing mix is growing ever stronger. Marketers are tasked with providing an influential and engaging outlet to market one’s brand across multiple channels—as well as increase search visibility at each stage of the buying cycle.

Watch now to learn how to create a framework for matching your audience needs with captivating content to navigate through the complexities of the marketing funnel and drive action on the part of your target audiences.

You Will Learn

  • How to develop the right content to fit each stage of the buying cycle
  • Why press releases are an excellent and low-cost lead generation channel
  • Ways in which multimedia content drives enhanced audience engagement
  • How to create an editorial calendar for B2B content

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OMI training not only helped our New Social Media team accelerate our corporate wide initiative to standardize social practices; it also enabled us to create new winning digital marketing strategies. The training was a really great turning point for us.

LaSandra Brill

Senior Manager of Global Social Media