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28 min
Social Media Marketing

Why You Need Google Plus and How to Use It

Get your website indexed and ranked with Google+.

This search engine optimization (SEO) class explains how to use Google+ to improve organic rankings -leading to increased brand visibility and brand awareness. Successful search and social media marketing strategies require proper content development to help the brand rank higher in the search index and increase visibility of authority links. Outcomes of a successful Google+ content plan include increased engagement, measured in the form of +1s. With millions of active Google+ users, search marketers and business owners will also learn how to use other Google+ services such as Google Profiles, Google Circles, and Google Hangouts to achieve marketing goals. This OMI Google+ marketing class, Why You Need Google+ & How to Use It, led by Gillian Muessig, illustrates how to leverage Google+ and its unique features and important SEO capabilities to boost ROI.

You Will Learn


  • How to ignite conversations that lead to better relationships, and better SEO results
  • Best practices for building your personal brand on the network
  • How to track ROI on Google+
  • What kind of content performs well (and what just falls flat)

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OMI training not only helped our New Social Media team accelerate our corporate wide initiative to standardize social practices; it also enabled us to create new winning digital marketing strategies. The training was a really great turning point for us.

LaSandra Brill

Senior Manager of Global Social Media