7 Elements of Highly Effective Facebook Marketing

Engage fans and ignite conversations.

40 min
Social Media Marketing

Facebook marketing classes at OMI teach the most effective Facebook marketing techniques that have been proven to increase the number of fans, engage fans more, and increase the reach of your Facebook social media presence. Growing your fan base is a vital part of any Facebook strategy or social media strategy because it allows for you to listen to more potential customers and in turn to deliver the content that they want. A key component to this growth is producing content that your customers want to share, for example, posts that are light, bright, and polite and engage your audience. Facebook marketers know how to pace their posts, get noticed by fans, and create enjoyable experiences for the fans who interact with them on Facebook. This Facebook marketing class, 7 Elements of Highly Effective Facebook Marketing, taught by expert social media instructor Josh Ochs, lays the foundation and gives best practices for Facebook marketing.

You Will Learn

  • The anatomy of an effective and engaging Facebook timeline 
  • How to use your Facebook profile picture and cover image to gain more Fans
  • 5 key steps for doubling the reach of each Facebook update 
  • The 7 things not to do on Facebook
Instructor: Josh Ochs

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