How to Prove the Value of Social Media to the C Suite

Show the C suite how social media increases ROI

Strategy & Planning
37 min
Social Media Marketing

This social media class shows brand marketers a systematic approach to connecting an organization’s social media marketing efforts to core business objectives such as sales, revenue and cost in order to ensure your efforts continue to be supported by the c-suite. Experienced social media marketers know that if your efforts are not supported by the people making budgetary decisions, all of your hard work in building up a social media profile could go to waste and your department could face cuts. For example, a social media campaign that responds well to customer concerns could be saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in reputation management, but if you cannot demonstrate this to the CEO or CMO, these resources could be cut. This social media marketing class, How to Prove the Value of Social Media to the C Suite, led by expert instructor Nichole Kelly, shows you how to set up the right framework to get bottom line metrics, understanding social media goals and accurately analyze and present data to the C-Suite.

You Will Learn

  • What to show your CEO and CMO to prove that you understand what really matters in business and where social media fits
  • How to connect social media impact to core business objectives like sales volume, revenue and costs
  • How to set up the right framework in place to get bottom line metrics
  • Whether or not your social media publishing process is preventing accurate measurement results
  • Simple steps to getting the ammo you need jump start your career by learning how to translate social media into their language
Instructor: Nichole Kelly

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