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Upcoming Events

  • May 12th
    Top thought leaders in Asia, Australia, and India share insights and best practices for social media, digital advertising and integrated marketing campaign strategies. This one-day virtual event is accessible right from your computer.
    Free International Virtual Learning Event
  • May 14th
    In one day, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to drive results through advertising, analytics, social and mobile taught by renowned digital marketing experts in Latin America, all available from your own computer.
    Free International Virtual Learning Event
  • May 16th

    Digital Strategies EMEA

    You’ll discover best practices for integrating your digital marketing strategy, capturing market share and optimizing your digital marketing spend in this one-day virtual event accessible directly from your computer.
    Free International Virtual Learning Event
  • July 14th

    LEARN: Small Business & Startup Summit

    Learn how to prioritize and effectively use a limited marketing budget to maximize ROI for your business. Created for the small business owner, startup founder, or marketing manager, this one-day virtual event will teach you how to make smart decisions and implement the necessary tactics to drive sales.
    Free Virtual Learning Event
  • July 16th

    LEARN: B2B Digital & Social

    In this one-day virtual event, experts from leading B2B companies will teach you how to integrate search, content, social media, automation and analytics into your B2B digital marketing strategy. This will help differentiate your business from its competitors and ultimately capture a larger share of your potential market.
    Free Virtual Learning Event
  • July 18th

    LEARN: Big Brands: Consuming Facing Tactics

    Hear from top digital marketing thought leaders as they unpack the essential tactics big brands must implement today to effectively reach consumers in this one-day virtual event.
    Free Virtual Learning Event

Featured Instructors

Kelsey Jones
Search & Social Marketing Consultant
Jackie Cohen
Director of Social Media and Communications
Daniel Waisberg
Analytics Advocate

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OMI training not only helped our New Social Media team accelerate our corporate wide initiative to standardize social practices; it also enabled us to create new winning digital marketing strategies. The training was a really great turning point for us.

LaSandra Brill

Senior Manager of Global Social Media