Class Overview:

This social media blogging class explains how having a thought leadership hub can be an improvement over the corporate or business blog, allowing you to host and participate in the daily conversations with customers that occur on the social web. Thought leadership hubs are different from company blogs in that they are better suited to impact how customers feel about the company and the quality of the interaction customers have with a thought leadership hub can impact their future business with the company. For example, a thought leadership hub allows interaction between prospects, industry influencers, and other experts who can exchange views and create a conversation. By building a vibrant community of contributors, you can help promote your thought leadership better than in a corporate blog. This social media marketing class, Beyond Blogging: How to Create a Vibrant Thought Leadership Community, instructed by Karri Carlson, shows how to build and promote a thought leadership hub.

What You'll Learn:

  • What thought leadership is, how it is different from regular business blogging, and why your company blog is not your thought leadership hub
  • When is the right time to spin off your own thought leadership hub
  • How to build a vibrant community of contributors that will help promote your thought leadership hub
  • Which organizations are successfully leveraging thought leadership to grow their business, with case studies and rich examples.