Class Overview:

According to a study by BzzAgent, brand advocates are 83 percent more likely to share information about products with others. Moreover, brand advocates are also twice as likely to be driven by the need to contribute to the pool of information online. Since the birth of social media, brands have been searching for an effective way to leverage the power of influencers, given their significant followings and powerful voices in their respective industries. Obtaining a mere mention by the right influencer could boost even the most niche business to the forefront of social buzz. In this class, you will learn how marketers can captivate social influencers and convert them into brand advocates for their business.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to choose which free and/or paid tools to use
  • How to target the most appropriate influencers
  • How to analyze potential influencers to achieve campaign goals
  • How to determine which content is best suited for the targeted influencer
  • How to grab a target influencer’s attention
  • How to engage and encourage employees to share content to further amplify reach.