Class Overview:

Social media retargeting classes show marketers how social media networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn offer high quality demographic data that can be used help improve marketing initiatives across many social platforms. By integrating high quality social demographic data into their retargeting strategy, social media marketers can choose to send very specific messages to prospective customers, using tailored content to reach out to different audience segments. Furthermore, experienced online marketers understand that successful use of social demographic data provides insights that can be used for landing page improvements, which can result in a dramatic increase in conversions. Through both retargeting and marketing automation systems, social demographic data can be used to improve lead quality and drive results. This retargeting marketing class, Harnessing the Power of Social Media Advertising & Retargeting, instructed by Janet Driscoll Miller, helps businesses utilize social consumer data to improve retargeting, increase conversion rates, and attain a high social ROI.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to harness demographic data from social media
  • How to use that data in retargeting ads to send very specific messages and offers to specific groups of people
  • How to use that data in landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • How to capture that data in marketing automation tools to further nurture leads