Class Overview:

Knowing how to balance social media marketing strategies and content marketing techniques is crucial for supporting a comprehensive social media marketing plan. Experts in social media marketing are practiced in developing a consistent brand voice throughout both of these marketing channels. By distributing cohesive brand messages in the same voice and through different social media channels, marketing professionals are able to consistently produce powerful and measurable results. This content marketing social media class, Best Practices for Integrated Content Marketing and Social Media, instructed by experience social media expert Jennifer Kane, offers social media content tips and tricks to help you succeed.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to establish a functional and well-maintained content development pipeline within your company
  • How to develop a consistent and strategic brand voice and focus throughout all of your content
  • How to develop content marketing that lends itself well to social distribution and promotion
  • Best practices for developing and nurturing social media conversations that support the sourcing, development and promotion of content marketing