Class Overview:

This social media marketing class focusing on brand storytelling shows you a powerful way of connecting with people to build brand awareness and cultivate brand loyalty. Agencies and brand marketers who are embracing brand storytelling that resonates with their audience find that it can help them build stronger customer relationships that lead to increased revenue. For example, strong brand storytelling techniques can not only be used to better engage your audience, but it can also be a helpful tool for brand advocates to share information about the brand to others who you wouldn’t otherwise reach. These best practices in brand storytelling content creation can go a long way in increasing brand loyalty in current customers, and reaching out to new ones. This content creation class, Using Storytelling to Deliver Social Media Results, taught by Shannon Ryan, uses case studies and examples integrating brand stories into social strategies and content creation.

What You'll Learn:

  • What makes a compelling brand story
  • How converged media is redefining content marketing
  • How to tell your brand story across social media platforms
  • How to nurture brand advocates to tell your brand story