Turn Website Visitors into Customers via Conversation Optimization

  with Kent Lewis

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Class Overview:

Would you like to double your leads or sales in the next 30 days, with your existing marketing and customer-base? Too many companies fail to recognize the power of optimizing the “last mile” of their marketing, whether it be ecommerce store conversions or B2B lead forms. Kent Lewis, Anvil President and Founder, will outline fundamental conversion optimization strategies and tactics that will maximize the return on your current marketing investment. From fundamental best practices to multivariate landing page optimization tools and reporting, this session will provide a holistic program that can increase campaign performance 5 to 10 times.

What You'll Learn:

  • learn why conversion optimization planning is essential
  • understand the fundamentals of A/B & multi-variate testing
  • develop a landing page optimization plan
  • learn best practices for landing page development
  • get inspired by real-world landing page tests