Class Overview:

Social media email marketing classes can explain how data from social media marketing can be leveraged to improve your company’s email marketing campaigns. Social data allows for email marketers to create more precise audience segmentation with email marketing, thus improving customer relationships. Businesses that integrate social media into email marketing often find that they can reach deeper levels of engagement, ultimately creating an environment in which brand ambassadors are encouraged to promote the brand. Knowing successful email marketing techniques for how to give your customers confidence, listen to real customer feedback, leverage your brand ambassadors, and track the success of your email campaigns is vital to your success in social media and email integration. This social media marketing class instructed by Sundeep Kapur, 5 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Improve Email Marketing, gives businesses the tools and methodology for implementing a social media integration strategy that enhances email marketing.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to find compatible consumers through your digital marketing
  • How to assure your consumers that they are in good hands
  • How to strip out brand rhetoric and use real consumer feedback
  • How to track your opens, views, and listen to the dialogue
  • How to leverage your brand ambassadors