Class Overview:

Marketing isn’t what it used to be, and it’s scaling exponentially. Social Media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, one that can be used to build long-term engagement with your target audience, make your company a relevant part of the conversation, and attract new prospects. In this class learn to identify measurable goals, understand your audience, create a strategy, select social media, build engagement, develop a communications plan, measure performance, and find the ROI in your engagement.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand Social Media in the context of the broader marketing landscape
  • Define your Social Media goals and create a high-level communications strategy to achieve those goals
  • Understand your audience, how to engage them and how to test your audience and audience theory
  • Measure all of your plans and strategies and find the ROI in your communications plans
  • Understand the three main tiers of Social Media and how to integrate them into your Social Media strategy; Social Networks (connecting to other people), Content Sharing (sharing content on a social website), Collaboration (sharing for a purpose)
  • Expand your understanding of Social Media to include new ways people use content and technology to communicate