Class Overview:

Your customers are engaging with your brand across an increasing number of channels: traditional, social and web. How effective are your marketing efforts to reach, acquire and retain customers in this increasingly multichannel world? How much is social media supporting your paid marketing efforts? Do you have a holistic view of marketing performance across the entire customer journey?

Find out how to improve lifetime customer value and transform your marketing into a predictable revenue driver. In addition, you’ll see the common challenges marketing teams face in a world that combines traditional media with multiple social and web touch points—and get proven tips for solving them. Finally, you’ll learn the emerging best practices in measuring and maximizing the effectiveness of each marketing program.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to gain a holistic view of marketing mix performance across the entire customer journey
  • How earned media impacts paid media efforts
  • The right metrics to measure in order to improve marketing effectiveness
  • How to leverage multichannel analytics to drive predictable marketing results