Class Overview:

Search and Social media marketing classes offer social media marketers valuable data that can improve their overall digital marketing strategy in order to respond to potential customers in their target audiences. For many businesses, one the critical requirements of a successful digital marketing campaign is effectively utilizing multiple social media marketing channels together to create holistic, data-driven social campaigns. In particular, marketers can improve their lead generation by incorporating social media data into their search marketing strategies. The demographic data offered through social networks, for example, can be integrating into search marketing for more accurate segmentation and targeting initiatives. This class, How to Generate More Leads by Targeting Personas through Search and Social, instructed by Janet Driscoll Miller, helps social media marketers incorporate both search and social marketing in order to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to identify your best customers and create personas for them
  • The ways to use the information you glean from personas to target them by demographics in social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to amplify your demand gen efforts through the integration of social media and search