Class Overview:

This presentation is an in-depth review of The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing™ — a comprehensive framework (or map) for the learning, strategy, budgeting, execution and analysis of the entire ecosystem of digital and integrated marketing. This practical system is based on a methodology that drives actionable insights on tactics and techniques that marketers can easily apply and measure. The framework includes 7 Pillars, each of which highlights a key aspect of what makes a sustainable and successful “digital life.” To illustrate the 7 Pillars model, a multi-purpose visualization tool called the 49er Matrix will be introduced. The Matrix provides practitioners with a tangible map consisting of 49 blocks (7 per Pillar) that represent distinct elements within digital marketing. The webinar will show how a manager can use 49er Matrix as a strategic aide to marketing as well as overall management needs of the company.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand conceptually the key features of a proven methodology for the learning, strategizing, budgeting, executing and analyzing of a successful digital marketing campaign
  • Develop a solid knowledge of the latest key terms, strategies and techniques of the entire digital and traditional marketing ecosystem
  • Leverage our proprietary tool, the 49er Matrix, which will allow for better analysis and planning for existing and future marketing efforts
  • Better assess the strengths and weaknesses of each team member as well as the cohesiveness of entire existing teams
  • Learn actionable tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur and drive potentially millions of dollars in marketing ROI.