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Demand Generation: Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Sales and marketing are not naturally aligned. While both ultimately want to bring more customers to the business, they often work at cross-purposes to accomplish this goal. In this course, learn how marketing can take charge to improve this situation. Watch now to discover what the big idea is that lets marketing immediately improve relations with sales, and find out what questions to ask sales in order to better work together with them. By the end you’ll grasp enough knowledge to know what an effective plan looks like that will help sales with follow up, stay-in-touch campaigns and more. This is the sixth course in the Demand Gen curriculum.

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Scott Jacobson


Scott Jacobson likes nothing better than helping business owners get more out of their business. Getting more money is important, sure, but just as important is greater enjoyment. He started his career working in a Fortune 100 company, and with every successive move he chose to work in a smaller company until h more.

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