Social Media Marketing Landscape: Competitive Strategies

  with Todd Wilms

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Class Overview:

Social media marketing classes show online marketers how to harness the power of social media marketing and develop a social media competitive strategy for the upcoming year to find their audience, grow their business, and stay ahead of the competition. Finding the right audience for their brand and products allows today’s social media marketers to properly interact with their customers, increasing engagement and generating stronger leads. Successful social media marketers know how to leverage changes in the social media marketplace, such as platform updates, to their advantage in order to stay ahead of their competitors.. These brand marketers are transforming how they use social networks in ways that increase brand reach with relevant audiences and drive ROI. This class in social media marketing, Social Media Marketing Landscape: Competitive Strategies for 2013, is taught by expert social media instructor Todd Wilms, who offers competitive strategies for getting ahead through best practice social media techniques.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to develop a program for you that is manageable
  • How to find your audience today and where they are going tomorrow
  • What others are doing similar to you, what others are doing you should avoid