Class Overview:

This social media marketing class, Successful Execution of Search and Social, instructed by Aaron Goldman, helps businesses deploy social media and search marketing tactics that improve engagement and lead generation. Although a company’s approach to digital marketing strategy is defined by its strategic goals, there are number of search and social media best practices that should be taken into account when executing online marketing initiatives. For example, search and social media campaigns should be segmented and structured to most effectively reach the target audience and measure their results. Additionally, marketers need to know how to interpret these measurements to improve their search or social marketing techniques and get a better understanding of their audience. This social media marketing class shows digital marketers how to execute successful social media and search marketing strategies.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to set proper goals for each channel
  • Best practices for creating, measuring, and optimizing ads in search and social
  • Tips for campaign automation and cross-channel attribution