Class Overview:

In customer to customer marketing, positive brand advocacy is a measure of success. Experienced retail marketers, for example, know how to deliver product communications on Facebook so that customers who have a positive experience are encouraged to share that experience with other customers. Facebook posts emphasizing popular product features is a commonly used social media marketing technique that often results in C2C sharing among Facebook users. These C2C Facebook posts and other social marketing techniques help convert customers into your brand’s best advocates. This Facebook marketing class, Advocacy and the Next Generation of Social Marketing, instructed by Angela Bandlow, shows social media marketers how to launch targeted customer to customer marketing campaigns.

What You'll Learn:

  • How the evolution of consumer behavior is shaping the next generation of social marketing
  • How to launch successful Consumer to Consumer (C2C) Social Marketing programs
  • What Facebook’s Open Graph means for marketers and C2C Social Marketing
  • Expected results from C2C Social Marketing programs