Class Overview:

This social media crisis management class offers digital marketers best practices for managing their social media public relations in order to effectively plan and recover from social media disasters. Many businesses have found that as social networks continue to grow in pervasiveness worldwide, strategically planning for negative customer reactions online has become increasingly important. Experienced online marketers use social media crisis management tactics to prevent social media mishaps, such as turning negative chatter into positive conversation, and identifying social media crises before they occur. Effective crisis management strategies can help businesses turn a negative social media crisis into positive PR opportunity for the brand. This class, Crisis Management with Social Media, instructed by Marcus Ho helps social media public relations managers learn the steps to successfully manage many common social media or public relations crises.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to identify a social media crisis before it happens
  • How to turn negative chatter into positive conversations
  • 3 steps for preventing employees from creating a social media crisis
  • How 8 companies successfully handled a social media crisis—and how you can, too