Class Overview:

Facebook marketing strategy classes demonstrate various ways for how marketers should effectively utilize Facebook’s Open Graph tools to understand user intent and to use this information to acquire new customers. By measuring Facebook engagement analyzing the Open Graph noun and action verb data, Facebook marketers can identify the signals of user intent and translate them into actionable consumer data. Successful implementation of a Facebook Open Graph strategy can boost customer engagement and provide opportunities for more detailed action spec targeting. This Facebook marketing class, Facebook’s AdWords Moment: Open Graph Action Verbs, instructed by Marcus Ho, helps business utilize Facebook open graph tools to broaden their social media marketing engagement opportunities

What You'll Learn:

  • How to leverage the power of Facebook’s Open Graph for effective user acquisition at scale
  • Which tools can help you translate Open Graph “nouns” and “verbs” into actionable user intent signals
  • How paid media can amplify the viral lift gained from effective Open Graph implementation
  • How to create and manage ads that take full advantage of action spec targeting