Class Overview:

This social media marketing class highlights a two-fold marketing strategy for international brands – how to expand into new territories and how to target local audiences. By implementing best practices while expanding their brand into global markets, businesses can create a sustainable growth environment as well as avoid the pitfalls and mistakes made by others. Marketers can learn how to select the right tools and social platforms to create content for specific markets and implement measures to manage brand reputation across borders. In addition, brand marketers learn how to reach wide audiences without neglecting the importance of communicating with local audiences. This Global Social Media Strategies & Tactics to Drive Local Digital Marketing class led by Amit Vyas presents vital information, case studies, and best practices for international brands that need to engage local audiences in order to increase their ROI.

What You'll Learn:

  • The importance of communicating with local audiences
  • How to choose the right online communication channels
  • How to create content that appeals to wide audiences
  • The common mistakes global organizations makes when to local audiences
  • How to manage your international brand’s local reputation