Class Overview:

Pinterest marketing strategy classes teach marketers how effectively utilizing popular second-tier social networks can play a huge role in a company’s overall social media marketing strategy. For example, adding Pinterest to your social media marketing mix can help drive customer awareness and generate new leads. There are, in fact, a number a strategic best practices you can use when developing a Pinterest strategy that engages your audience. From account set-up, to the various pinning or repining tactics, companies must understand the strategic fundamentals of Pinterest in order to take advantage of its marketing benefits. This class, How to Develop a Pinterest Marketing Strategy, instructed by James Hickey, helps marketers incorporate Pinterest best practices into their overall social media marketing strategy.

What You'll Learn:

  • A quick overview on the basics on how to set-up your Pinterest page.
  • Details tactics for editing pins and repins to drive traffic.
  • Strategy on what to pin and repin.
  • Use of videos on Pinterest.