Pinterest Promotions Perfected: Best Practices for Success

  with Apu Gupta

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Class Overview:

Pinterest marketing classes can provide social media marketers with the skills to reach out to their target audience through image-based marketing. As marketing moves from text-based to image-based marketing, brands and retailers who can use Pinterest marketing strategies successfully to drive engagement and traffic by actively appealing to their most influential Pinterest followers often see strong returns on their efforts. A smart Pinterest strategy allows marketers to present information in image format to attract the right prospects and customers. Furthermore, businesses can curate image content based on their customers’ needs, engaging with known audiences through Pinterest advertising. Social media marketers who know how to strategically integrate Pinterest into a digital marketing campaign can see measurable marketing results in the form of shares and repins. This Pinterest marketing class, Pinterest Promotions Perfected: Best Practices for Success, instructed by Apu Gupta, shows how to successfully integrate Pinterest into your digital marketing effort.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why images are the new currency of social engagement
  • How brands and retailers should actively engage with their most influential Pinterest followers
  • Which brands are finding the most success on Pinterest and why
  • Common mistakes when marketing on Pinterest and other visual platforms