Class Overview:

Classes in integrating social media marketing with other marketing channels teach you how to engage your audience to build brand awareness and drive sales. By integrating social media marketing with mobile marketing, email marketing, direct mail and more, marketers can encourage customers to follow the conversation across multiple channels. Applying best practice social integration techniques through these multiple channels provides an immense opportunity to better engage your audience. By creating interactive conversations, social media marketers can intrigue and incentivize their audience to engage while listening and communicating across different channels. This social media integration class, Social Integration: Creating Interactive Conversations, taught by Sundeep Kapur, assists organizations in developing converged channel marketing strategies.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to intrigue and incentivize your customers.
  • Be timely and relevant in your messaging.
  • Suggested conversations to use across a mix of different channels.
  • How to listen and communicate across channels.