Class Overview:

This social media marketing class instructed by Nate Riggs shows how to develop and implement effective Twitter marketing strategies that drive brand awareness. Experienced social media marketers understand the significance of incorporating Twitter messaging in their business’ corporate culture. Marketers will also learn how to leverage Twitter to facilitate brand discussions, ultimately increasing brand awareness. Most important, The Secret to Business Success on Twitter: Creating a Micro-blogging Culture, teaches how Twitter’s shift to a mainstream medium is going require significant changes in the cultural habits of businesses. Such changes will allow businesses to capitalize on all of the opportunities for brand success that Twitter can create.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to make Twitter fit neatly into organizational chart
  • How to design new habits that will help you and your organization become more engaged online
  • Stories and case examples of the brands and leaders doing it right
  • Books, tools and other resources that will change the way you think about Twitter and your business.