Foundational Principles for Website Conversions

  with Brian Massey

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Class Overview:

Your opinion doesn’t matter. Your visitors don’t care about your company or your products. Wait, what?! If your visitors don’t care about your company and products, why are they on your website? These are just two of the unexpected website formulas in this Crash Course that will shake the very foundation of your idea of a website.

This class, is designed to change the way you look at your online presence. Learn 18 ways to make your website more successful and 18 ways to piss off your competitors by converting more of your visitors into leads, customers and subscribers. Your competitors won’t know how you’re spending so much, even though you may be spending less to dominate your online marketplace.

What You'll Learn:

  • When conventional wisdom isn’t wise
  • How to know if your web development team is making the right decisions
  • Where you may be spending money on things that actually hurt conversions
  • How to analyze your home page and landing pages