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Give Your Employees a Digital Marketing Upgrade

The Online Marketing Institute is leading the charge in creating customized and sustainable digital education solutions for large corporations. We're fanatical about quality and staying on trend with the newest digital strategies. We've been training teams since 2007 and have supported corporate teams as large as 10,000 employees.

Who We Are

We offer fully customized eLearning programs with the added benefit of leveraging over 400 hours of existing high quality content taught by the Digital Marketing thought leaders, authors and leading practitioners.

How We're Different

Our mission is to train, qualify, and test your staff to help them unlock the full possibilities of digital - helping your business make more money, increasing your competitiveness, and enhancing your customer experience. We'll create a customized training program to teach your employees the most industry relevant, trending digital and marketing strategies to produce tangible marketing outcomes.

What we offer

Digital IQ Diagnostic

Without benchmarking, learning tools are far less valuable. OMI makes benchmarking incredibly easy for your organization. We utilize standard tests from industry-wide certifications and randomize the hundreds of questions into a 100 question IQ test. You'll be able to easily assess your team's knowledge and progress, and identify the areas of strength and weakness. The test is broken down into the major sub-categories of digital marketing to give both an aggregate score on digital as well as a segmented sub score in each area.

On Demand Access

Don't limit your organization's learning capabilities to in-person training, seminars or conferences. With The Online Marketing Institute's training programs, learners can access courses online and on demand 24/7. Anytime access allows your programs to span time zones, and domestic and international offices.

Custom Certification Program

If you're in a niche market or require a highly specific training outcome not fulfilled by our ready-to-use learning library, The Online Marketing institute can help. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and deliver a custom certification program to fulfill your organization's learning and business objectives.

LMS Integration

We can integrate our content into most Learning Mangement Systems. Our technical team will work with you to integrate with your specific LMS implementation.

User Role Access

With user role access, you'll be able to run multiple learning programs across a large, multi department organization, for multiple teams with layered learning outcomes. Control what content each team and employee has access to and seamlessly manage your ongoing programs.

eLearning Center All Access

All corporate eLearning programs are supplemented by an 'all access pass' to The Online Marketing Institute's entire host of classes in our digital library comprised of over 400 + hours of expert taught content. We encourage organizations to take advantage of the elevated access to allow for continuous learning past completion of your organization's program.

Custom Learning Pathways

Customize your program with outcome based learning pathways comprised of the classes you want, in the sequence you want. Our Success Managers are at the ready to help provide proven learning track recommendations based on your organization's needs.

Marketing Support

We won't design the program and then leave you hanging. Our team will champion the learning experience by staying continuously involved in employee engagement efforts, including, but not limited to, page design, internal drip and trigger campaigns, and 24/7 employee learning support.

Custom Content Production

Need a specific course or want to feature a particular expert or company Executive as a learning leader or teacher? No problem. Our Content Experts will work with you to produce high impact and engaging custom classes to include in your certification program to amplify, and further customize, your organization's eLearning program.

Reporting Dashboard

With the robust reporting dashboard executives can quickly and easily garner insights into global success metrics. Team managers have clear visibility into employee performance and participation, and employees are able to track and manage their personal progress.

“I’m proud to say, we’ve got the entire team learning digital marketing in a scalable, standardized way. The level of engagement we’re seeing with OMI's Digital Essentials eLearning Program with JWT employees all over world has been unlike any training program I’ve ever known.”
John Baker
Global VP, Digital, JWT

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