Best of Online Marketing: Week of May 11, 2012

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Website Best Practices12 Ways to Annoy Your Website Visitors

Are you guilty committing one of these deadly sins of website design? From Flash to pop-ups to hidden contact information, Shelly Kramer shares 12 easy ways to annoy your visitors, and lose traffic, conversions, and revenue.

5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Pinterest

Want to add Pinterest to your B2B marketing mix, but not sure how to get started? On the Marketo blog, discover 5 easy ways to take advantage of the rapidly growing network. From promoting campaigns to pinning infographics, these key tips will help you get your Pinterest marketing on the right track.

13 Common Call-to-Action Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

The call-to-action is one of the most important elements of a high-performance landing page, but all-too-often, marketers dilute their conversion rate by including too many options, not conveying value, and making the call-to-action difficult to find. Are you making one of the 13 most common mistakes? Find out now on the HubSpot blog.

The A-Z Guide for Location-Based Marketing

As a marketer, you've likely heard the phrase "SoLoMo," which stands for social, local, mobile. But how can you put this popular acronym to use for your brand? Start with these 26 tips for location-based marketing success—the perfect inspiration and know-how to get you started.

Is Remarketing Creepy or Awesome?

Remarketing is a great way to stay in front of visitors once they leave your website. By retargeting ads, you are essentially following your visitors as they browse the web. The end result is that your brand and offers stay in front of visitors long after they leave your site. But does this borderline on creepy, or is it an effective tactic? Find out now on the Wordstream blog.

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