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Content Marketing ( Level1 )

What you will learn:

  • Identify content marketing channels and optimize content for each
  • Identify the key components to developing a content marketing strategy
  • Understand the difference between owned, earned and paid content marketing channels
  • Recognize the types of talent needed to produce quality content and budget considerations
  • Understand semantic search vs. keywords and how to structure your content for maximal results
  • Improve niche and local search and how to plan successful content
  • Define and map personas and prospects

… and much more.

By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define mediums and channels and align them to your  audience and buying stages
  • Describe successful missions and goals as it relates to content marketing
  • Identify key ways to optimize your content
  • List the 4 key elements of a strategic plan for content marketing


Part1: Content Marketing Strategy
What is Content Marketing & Why is it Important to your Business 12:10

Aligning Your Content with Your Mission and Goals 7:32

Planning and Developing Content & What To Measure 11:23

Talent, Teams and Budgets 6:52

Part2: Content Marketing Channels
Part3: Content Marketing Search & Optimization
Part4: Content Marketing Personas & Prospects
Part5: Content Marketing: Consumer Insights
Part6: Content Marketing: Brand
* Final Exam is not available until all classes have been completed.
Final Exam

Content Marketing


1 Payment 3 Payment

4.0 Hours of Education
6 Video Lessons

  • After each lesson, there is a short quiz.
  • At the end of the entire course, there is a final exam.
  • Upon passing, a certificate of completion of awarded.

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