What is a certification?
How do I enroll in a certification ?
Where can I access my certifications?
Will OMI track the classes I have finished?
Can I access or view powerpoint slides (or other types of content) for my course(s)?
How will I receive a certificate?
Are there monthly payment options available for certs?
How many attempts do I have to pass the final exam?
What score is passing?
Can a certification be used for college credit?
How long do I have access to the material?
Can you extend certification access after the first 6 months?
Are OMI’s certifications accredited?

Financial Aid

Do you offer financial aid?
Do you have discounts for non-profit employees?

General Class Questions

Can I watch the classes more than once?
Can I save a class to watch later?
Do I need to follow a specific order when watching the video in the general library?
Where can I find classes I started but have not completed?
How can I find my saved classes?
How can I search for classes?


What is the difference between a Series and a Certification?

Individual Subscriptions

What is the cost of your classes?
When am I charged?

Team Subscriptions

How does the Team subscription work?

My account

Where can I find my billing information?
How can I update my payment info?
How can I cancel my account?
Can I suspend my account until I am ready to start again?

New classes

Where can I find new classes?
How do I access my classes?
How will I know which courses I have completed?
Can I access or view powerpoint slides (or other types of content) for my course(s)?
Can you send me a printed copy of my certification?


What OS and Web Browser should I be using to access courses?
Do I need to install any plugins?

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