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Level 1: Social Media Marketing

What you will learn:

  • An overview of communication media and social media software platforms
  • How to take valuable marketing insights from customer engagement and comments on social media
  • The Consumer Engagement Engine model
  • How social media can strengthen your brand
  • Examples of best business practices on Facebook
  • Best practice examples using Snapchat and Instagram
  • Best practices of publishing, promoting your content and measuring success on LinkedIn

… and much more.

By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Establish your expertise and thought leadership in your industry through quality content posts on Facebook
  • Harness the power of Snapchat and Instagram commercially
  • Find the untapped potential of Snapchat and Instagram to effectively market to millennials
  • Create an actionable social strategy to enable you to publish effectively on LinkedIn


Part 1: The Primary Social Media Platforms

Overview of Platforms & Mediums



Instagram & Snapchat



Blogging Platforms: Tumblr/WordPress


Podcasts, SoundCloud & iTunes Store

Live Streaming Video/Periscope

Part 2: Social Media: Consumer Insights

Types of Consumer Insight About Social Media

Non-Social-Media Insights Applied to Social Media

Consumer Insight to Drive Social Media Engagement and Sales

What People Say About Brands—and About Themselves—on Social Media

How Social Media Activity Affects Consumer Behavior

Social Media Consumer Insights: Recap

Part 3: Social Media Brand

The Brand

Expressing the Brand through Social Media

When Social Media is the Ideal Way to Express the Brand

Social Media as Support for Brand-Building Content Marketing

Social Media Brand Recap

Part 4: Your Business Goals on Facebook

A Brief History of Facebook

Facebook Page in Practice

5 Goals for Presence on Facebook

Part 5: Facebook: Insights

Navigating Facebook Insights

From Promotions to Messages

Engagement Rate and Video Tab

FB Insights in Application

Part 6: Best of Facebook Business

Taste the Adventure with CamelBak

Writing like Burt's Bees

The Pacific Northwest Ballet Video Content Strategy

Local Can Be Powerful Too

Part 7: How to Market to Millennials

Characteristics of Millennials

Key Features and Functions of Snapchat and Instagram

Key Features and Functions of Instagram

Social Media Marketing Strategies Targeting Millennials

Additional Features and Tools to Boost your Strategy on Snapchat and Instagram

How Grubhub Rocks the Apps for Millennials

Part 8: Things You Should Know About Advertising on Snapchat and Instagram

Creating an Ad on Instagram and Snapchat

Measuring the Marketing Effectiveness

The Most Interesting Ways of Using Snapchat and Instagram Commercially

The Power of the Visual Communication

Things You Should Know about Advertising on Snapchat and Instagram: Case Studies

Part 9: Creating an Influential LinkedIn Profile

Describing your LinkedIn Title, Summary, and Experience in a Powerful Way

Visual Elements of LinkedIn Profile

Recommendations and Endorsements

Creating an Influential LinkedIn Profile: Case Studies

Measuring Success Including SSI (Social Selling Index)

Part 10: Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse

Commercial Benefits of Publishing on Pulse

Best Practices for Writing and Publishing

Promoting your Pulse Content Across Social Media Platforms

Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse: Case Studies

Measuring Success

Part 11: Content Marketing for Social Media

Content Marketing for Social Media: Introduction

The Different Types of Social Content

How to Create Content for Social

The Importance of Visual Content

The Role of Content Curation in Social

Tools of the Trade

Choosing Which Social Network to Invest Time In

Paid Social

The ROI of Your Content Marketing in Social

Final exam

Social Media Marketing


Hours of education


Video Lessons


  • After each lesson, there is a short quiz.
  • At the end of the entire course, there is a final exam.
  • Upon passing, a certificate of completion of awarded.


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One Payment

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