Beata Dziedzic

Beata Dziedzic

Beata is a HR trainer and certified career development coach, passionate about digital and social learning. Her career spans Europe and Asia.

While living and working in China, she discovered her calling for coaching – she combined that with her international recruitment expertise. Both skill sets enable her to advise people how to create careers they love and build strong online brands.
Throughout her career, she has designed various types of training that has served over 450 people from 40 countries, including European & African states, Canada, U.S., India, China, South Korea and Japan. She has delivered training and coaching to 350 participants ranging from IT graduates/students to middle and senior management including the CFO and CEO roles.

Beata’s passion has always been helping people and organizations reach their full potential, implement changes, and successfully embrace challenges in a multicultural world. While working in London, she assisted companies like Siemens, Swicorp, Barclays Bank, Capgemini, Infosys, Volvo and many others to acquire niche talent and improve their staffing strategies. In 2011 she moved to Beijing as an HR & intercultural consultant and L&D Specialist. Beata delivered training to individuals, start-ups, MNCs and NGOs including Networkers, Mars, Daimler, GSK, CNOOC and the SACE Foundation. In 2014 she relocated to Prague, where she co-founded Coachify – training and consulting company providing its clients a unique blend of cross-border career coaching and social media training. Recently she moved back to China and lives in Shanghai.

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