Many voices out there say that you need to have to do agile marketing. That could mean a lot of things. If you are interested applying Agile principles and the Scrum Methodology to your marketing organization, this course will explain what it is and the benefits you can get. You’ll learn the basics and some advance topics about how to implement it your marketing organization to create great outcomes with your customers. You’ll learn how to get more out of the same time and resources to make a BIG difference. James will explain the whys, whats and hows of marketing Scrum along with guidelines on how to customize it for your specific needs.

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James Wright

James has had a long career in high tech marketing using Agile principles before he knew that’s what they were called. He’s been a senior executive at small private and large public companies, primarily in leading functions such as product management, marketing, sales, business development. James has learned th more.

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