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Creating an Influential LinkedIn Profile

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How many times did you consider improving or totally remaking your LinkedIn profile? In this course you will discover how to describe your LinkedIn name, title, summary and experience in a powerful way. You will learn how to enhance your profile with visual elements, recommendations, endorsements, and storytelling. You will explore the ways of measuring your success on LinkedIn, including SSI (Social Selling Index). This course is an easy to follow guide, explaining the stages of reshaping your profile, so you can take the most out of what LinkedIn has to offer.


  • Define functions of LinkedIn Profile
  • Explain the steps of creating a LinkedIn Name and Title
  • Describe the elements of a powerful LinkedIn Summary
  • Describe the elements of a compelling description of LinkedIn Experience
  • Discuss visual elements of LinkedIn profile
  • Describe the essentials of a professional LinkedIn Picture
  • Demonstrate the methods of enhancing your profile with visual and content elements
  • Define the strategy of creating an endorsements’ list
  • Demonstrate the steps of requesting LinkedIn recommendations
  • Evaluate examples of successful LinkedIn profiles
  • Evaluate examples of mistakes made when creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Explain how to create an action plan to remake or improve your LinkedIn profile
  • Define the ways of measuring success on LinkedIn
  • Explain the steps to improve your SSI on LinkedIn

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Beata Dziedzic

Beata is a HR trainer and certified career development coach, passionate about digital and social learning. Her career spans Europe and Asia.

While living and working in China, she discovered her calling for coaching – she combined that with her international recruitment expertise. Both skill sets enable more.

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