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Social Media: Consumer Insights

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In this course, learners will be able to define sources of insight relevant to social media marketing, state principles guiding consumer interaction with social media and list the research-based guidelines for brand responses to social media. This practical course provides learners with the foundational understanding on social media through the lens of consumer insight.


  • Define social media
  • List (or identify) some of the categories of social media
  • Define how insights from outside the context of social media can be relevant in social media marketing
  • List the four things that happen when people are asked to recall a memory related to a brand
  • Name the social media tactic to strengthen existing positive feelings about a brand
  • State the effects on sales when consumers post on social media
  • State the Social Media Passion Principle
  • Define how statements consumers make about brands are relevant to social media marketing
  • Define how consumer profile data available on social media can be relevant for marketing
  • Define how purchase behavior can be a source of consumer insight in social media marketing
  • List (or recognize) the 5 key effects of social media behavior on purchase behavior (and vice versa)
  • List (or recognize) the 5 drivers in the Engagement Engine model, and identify which drivers directly affect which other drivers

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Stephen Hersh consults with companies to help them manage their brands, their business strategies, their creative strategies, and their relationships with consumers, customers, and employees. He often works through in-sourcing, training company employees to develop the skills to solve these problems themselves. more.

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