Facebook Fundamentals Certification

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What you will learn:

  • Create a professional-looking Facebook page
  • Optimize your Facebook page to reach your social media marketing goals
  • Incorporate Facebook advertising and paid promotion into your advertising budget
  • Highlight the difference between ad types and their goals such as driving traffic, increasing page likes, boosting reach and encouraging engagement
  • Define your audience demographics including personal interests, location, gender, and more
  • Leverage Facebook Insights and it’s main elements so you can accurately measure your social media strategy
  • Establish Facebook business goals

… and much more.

By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Set up your profile pages
  • Determine what and when to post
  • Utilize Facebook advertising
  • Navigate Facebook Insights

Class Format:

Classes are in video format and can be completed at your own convenience. Each video class is part of a larger set.

After each video, there is a mini-quiz. Once the set of videos are completed, there is a 10 -12 question test. At the very end of all the classes, there is a 30 question certification exam. Upon passing, learners will receive a certificate of completion.


Class Breakdown:

A brief history of Facebook 6:44
Facebook Page in Practice 6:27
5 goals of your presence on Facebook 4:42
Total Minutes: 17:53
Introduction to setting up your… 3:21
Basic setup options 6:18
Tips to make a professional-looking page 7:38
Total Minutes: 17:17
Timeline Features 5:19
Discover your brand persona 6:23
Posting strategy 9:21
Total Minutes: 21:03
Introduction to paid advertising 10:10
Facebook ads policies 4:45
Advanced targeting options 4:52
Tracking your results 5:35
Total Minutes: 25:22
Navigating Facebook insights 6:49
From promotions to messages 6:47
Engagement rate and Video tab 3:26
FB insights In application 3:11
Total Minutes: 20:13
Taste of the adventure with CamelBak 5:07
Writing like Burt’s Bees 2:58
The Pacific Northwest Ballet video… 3:20
Local can be powerful too 4:14
Total Minutes: 15:39


Dagmara Sitek

Dagmara Sitek is a Digital Marketing Consultant & Social Media Strategist who helps businesses and mobile application developers to brand and sell products on a global scale. She also coaches marketing managers, HR teams and entrepreneurs on developing cutting-edge social media and social recruiting strate more.


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