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Mobile Marketing ( Level2 )

What you will learn:

  • Examine the elements of an effective mobile marketing program
  • The types of campaigns best suited to mobile devices and how to create them
  • Define the right audience for your mobile campaigns
  • The different aspects of engagement on mobile devices, the value of responsive design and engagement practices leveraging video and interactivity
  • How to design for the best UX experience
  • What consumers do on mobile, what they use it for, how they use it and how much time they spend on mobile activities

… and much more.


By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan your marketing strategy according to OS functions
  • Test, plan, schedule and measure the success of a mobile strategy
  • Apply good practices to enhance mobile UX performance
  • Use mobile to appropriately supplement the core brand experience




Part1: Introduction to Mobile Marketing
Introduction to Mobile & Terminology Part 1 5:43

Introduction to Mobile & Terminology Part 2 7:41

Mobile Marketing Programs 8:44

Utilizing Mobile Video part 1 6:58

Utilizing Mobile Video part 2 5:47

Location-Based Advertising Part 1 7:54

Location-Based Advertising Part 2 6:45

Core Tools Part 1 6:54

Core Tools Part 2 10:20

Part2: Defining the Mobile Channel
Part3: Mobile Marketing: the Which, the Who, the When, and How
Part4: Engaging with Mobile Marketing
Part5: The UX in Mobile Marketing
Part6: Mobile: Consumer Insights
Part7: Mobile: Brand
* Final Exam is not available until all classes have been completed.
Final Exam

Mobile Marketing


1 Payment 3 Payment

4.9 Hours of Education
7 Video Lessons

  • After each lesson, there is a short quiz.
  • At the end of the entire course, there is a final exam.
  • Upon passing, a certificate of completion of awarded.

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