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Level 2: Mobile Marketing

What you will learn:

  • Examine the elements of an effective mobile marketing program
  • The types of campaigns best suited to mobile devices and how to create them
  • Define the right audience for your mobile campaigns
  • The different aspects of engagement on mobile devices, the value of responsive design and engagement practices leveraging video and interactivity
  • How to design for the best UX experience
  • What consumers do on mobile, what they use it for, how they use it and how much time they spend on mobile activities

… and much more.


By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan your marketing strategy according to OS functions
  • Test, plan, schedule and measure the success of a mobile strategy
  • Apply good practices to enhance mobile UX performance
  • Use mobile to appropriately supplement the core brand experience




Part 1: Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Introduction to Mobile & Terminology Part 1

Introduction to Mobile & Terminology Part 2

Mobile Marketing Programs

Utilizing Mobile Video part 1

Utilizing Mobile Video part 2

Location-Based Advertising Part 1

Location-Based Advertising Part 2

Core Tools Part 1

Core Tools Part 2

Part 2: Defining the Mobile Channel

What is Mobile Media?

Why Mobile?

Mobile Platforms

Mobile OS's

What can you do with Mobile Media?

Mobile Media Ad Formats

Part 3: Mobile Marketing: the Which, the Who, the When, and How

Choosing the Right Mobile Platforms

Finding the Right Audience

Choosing the Right OS

Plan your Marketing Strategy According to OS Functions

Create your Marketing Strategy According to OS Functions

Launch a Marketing Strategy that Works with the OS

Part 4: Engaging with Mobile Marketing

Engaging on a Mobile Device

Choosing the Right Mobile Content

Create Responsive Designs

Engaging with Video

Engaging with Interactive Platforms

Mobile Marketing Automation

Part 5: The UX in Mobile Marketing

What is User Experience?

Why User Experience Matters

Understanding the Consumer Mobile Usage

Creating a Better Mobile user Experience

Importance of Usability Testing

Part 6: Mobile: Consumer Insights

An Overview of How People Use Mobile

A Closer Look at Apps

How People Spend Their Time on Mobile

How to Get Consumers Involved on Mobile and Drive Purchase

Making Mobile Relevant to Build Loyalty and Revenue

Part 7: Mobile: Brand

Mobile Brand: Intro

Using Mobile to Express the Core of the Brand

Using Mobile to Supplement the Core Brand Experience

It’s Not Really About Mobile—It’s All About the Idea

The Swiss Army Knife Principle, Parts 2 & 3

Mobile Brand: Recap

Final exam

Mobile Marketing


Hours of education


Video Lessons


  • After each lesson, there is a short quiz.
  • At the end of the entire course, there is a final exam.
  • Upon passing, a certificate of completion of awarded.


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One Payment

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