Best of Social Media: Week of June 21, 2012

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June 21, 2012 by

While Twitter is down, take a spin through my 5 favorite social media posts of the past week. Learn how to generate more leads on LinkedIn, drive Facebook engagement, use Pinterest for B2B, and more.

11 Deadly Don'ts of Social Media Marketing

Are you guilty of committing the 11 deadly sins of social media marketing? From running on-going contests to blocking negative feedback, these are the deadly mistakes that cause damage your brand and online reputation.

Why No One Engages With Your Brand on Facebook

Are your Facebook updates followed by crickets? Are the only people commenting on your posts members of the marketing team? Fear not! Over on MarketingLand, Courtney Seiter rounded up the top 14 reasons no one is interacting with your brand, with quick and easy tips for driving more Fan engagement.

7 Tips for B2B Pinterest Marketing

Think B2B marketers can't use Pinterest? Think again. On Social Media Examiner, Mitt Ray reveals 7 easy ways B2B marketers can use Pinterest to drive traffic and improve brand awareness.

Who Should Be in Charge of Social Media?

Should marketing, sales, or customer service be in charge of social media? According to HubSpot, all three functions should be a part of your social media program. Discover how they can work together to improve your marketing results and forge lasting customer relationships.

How B2B Marketers Can Target LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn has expanded their advertising offering with targeted updates. Over on the Social Media B2B blog, Jeffrey L. Cohen explains how B2B marketers can use this new targeting option to their advantage.

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