Best of Online Marketing: Week of August 10, 2012

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Twitter TipsBefore you head out for the weekend, take a spin through my favorite online marketing posts from the past 7 days. This week, learn how to get more ReTweets, use Storify for compelling content, build relationships through social media, and more.

10 Tips for Getting More ReTweets

Getting people to ReTweet your content is a great way to drive traffic and grow your audience. Over on QuickSprout, Neil Patel shares 10 surefire ways to drive more ReTweets. Learn the top 20 least ReTweeted words, the best time to Tweet, the type of content that gets shared the most, and more.

When It Comes to Landing Pages, Think Big

Think landing pages are just for PPC campaigns? Think again. Scott Brinker explains that when it comes to landing pages, the potential to drive remarkable experiences with landing pages goes far beyond PPC and search campaigns. In fact, Brinker suggests the real opportunity with landing pages is at the intersection of paid and owned media.

How to Use Storify to Create Compelling Content

Want to engage your audience with content? Try Storify. Discover 10 creative ways you can harness the curation tool to quickly and easily develop content that engages customers and ignites your business.

What Gift Economies Can Teach You About Social Media

Do you use social media to cultivate deep relationships with your customers? Or do you use it to drive transactions? According to Mark Bonchek of the Harvard Business Review, marketers should strive to build gift economies, where the focus is on relationships, instead of market economies, where the focus is on transactions.

How to Build a Pinterest Following with Facebook

Want to grow your Pinterest following, but not sure where to start? Try integrating your Facebook efforts with Pinterest. On Social Media Examiner, discover 5 quick and easy ways to build a Pinterest following by creating a Pinterest tab, posting links, and more.

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