Twitter Advertising: How to Get Started (and Other News)

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September 21, 2012 by

Earlier this month Twitter announced great new targeting options for paid Twitter ads.  Twitter does require a 3 month and $15,000 budget commitment to run their ads, but with these new advanced targeting option many clients who have previously run ads or those who have been sitting on the edge might just find the risk is worth the reward.

Targeted Tweets help brands increase engagement by delivering more relevant messages to the right audience.

  • You can now promote a tweet to a specific audience without sending it to your followers first so you can really segment your messages by audience
  • Create messages to send to key audiences by geography, device or platform
  • Promote device specific mobile app downloads
  • Promote localized offers
  • National brands can deliver localized messages and offers
  • Promoted tweets are visible as soon as they go live and can also be found in search results

Interest Targeting helps connect your call to action with a receptive audience by focusing on their interests.

  • You can choose from 350 different interest categories
  • You can reach beyond your follower base to drive volume and extend your reach
  • Promote products and services to users interested in those specific products
  • Build enthusiasm for an event by targeting users passionate about the event itself
  • Build followers by finding more like-minded users

As with all paid search programs in order to find out how it works for your business you’ll have to test it out. The key will be creating a strategy, testing plan and measurable goals to determine that success or failure.

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