5 Essential Tips for Your Facebook Brand Page

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November 16, 2012 by

Establishing a business page on Facebook creates a space to nurture relationships with your customer base, but how do you get people to like your page? The following is a list of internal features to help you market your business on Facebook and build your social media presence.

Facebook Page Internal Features
Before you begin any paid campaigns or Facebook contests, get started by making sure the page you want people to like is welcoming and depicting your brand properly. Starting from the top of your Facebook business page going down:

1. Engage with a Cover Photo

The cover photo is the first impression a visitor will experience. Make sure yours depicts your business. The Facebook cover photo dimensions are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. With a little design skills, you can also incorporate your profile photo into the cover photo.

2. Include a Call to Action in Your About Us Section

The About Us section on business pages is often used to self-promote, but try writing a call to action in the 160 character space instead.

3. Add a Custom Tab

The Facebook Tabs should be designed with a strong call to action and clear title to motivate people to engage with your content. Image dimensions are 111px by 74px.

4. Highlight Your Best Content

Use the Highlight Star and Pin to Top edit options to bring more attention to image posts or content that you’d like to remain as the first post people see when they visit your business page.

Notice the full screen length display of this post? This is a great way to spotlight a photo gallery or branded series.

5. Claim Your Vanity URL

And if you haven’t already, claim your vanity URL to customized the Facebook URL for your business page. Click on the fan page settings “basic information” tab. This will allow you to add a visually appealing and memorable Facebook URL to your business cards or other communication material.

But even after accomplishing all of the above, page owners must create magnetic content. Give your fans visual content like a photograph or video, which is more likely to be shared than a text status update, and remember the 80/20 rule. Talk about your community, or ask questions for your fans to engage with 80 percent of the time - instead of shouting about your next sale in 100 percent of your status updates. People only care about your business on Facebook, if you care about them.

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