3 Tips for Promoting Your New Product Online

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July 24, 2013 by

product launch rocketSo you have big news!  You’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks creating something pretty special. It’s a new product and it’s going to rock! But wait, no one knows about it. Have you been there? Ready to tell everyone about your new “thing,” but had no idea who to do it?

Follow these 3 steps to kickstart your product launch campaign:

Step 1: Let everyone on your email list know what you're up to.

Use these 6 key elements in your email.

  1. Write your ‘can’t pass up’ headline. Check out my proven formula for effective headlines.
  2. Write your attention grabbing opener.
  3. Share your story/reason for the message.
  4. Explain what you are offering.
  5. Describe what’s in it for them.
  6. Give clear concise directions on how to respond to the email with a call to action to buy your product. Craft your call to action to make it as specific as possible. Common ones are "Buy Now", "Enroll Here", "Get the Goods Here", "Try Now", "Subscribe Here" and "Click for Instant Access".

Step 2: Schedule advance praise.

You want your launch to be strong from the get go. Scheduling advance praise will generate excitement leading up to the launch, and will put you in front of other people’s subscribers/readers/followers/fans.

Make a list of people who have a similar target customer—complementary businesses and potential partners. They can even be in a completely different industry. This works best when their target customer is someone who would be interested in your product.

Craft an email like this.

Hi <blank>,

I’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks creating something pretty special. It’s a new product and it’s going to rock!

I am sending my special product to a micro-handful of amazing people, in the hopes of gathering advance reactions, reviews, praise, feedback & general applause.

I’m launching on <date>, which is <number of days> from today. So if there’s anything you’d like to share, please give it to fast.

THANK YOU for your support.

<your name>

Step 3: Generate more excitement with pre-feed praise and affiliates.

Big, successful launches generally have a lot of people supporting the launch. Pre-feed praise and an outstanding affiliate program will get other people to spread the word for you.  Get other people behind you, supporting your work and telling others how great it is. This will also spread your message to people that would otherwise be out of your reach. RELATED CLASS: Effective Affiliate Recruitment Strategies

Again, start by crafting an email to people that would be great people to promote your product—these can be the same people you contacted in step 2.  Design an email like this.

Hey <first name>,

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your sneak-peek at my product. It was a joy to create, and I’m revving up for a big launch.

Want to help me spread the love? I’ve got a handful of ready-to-go tweetables that you can copy & paste, straight into your social media feed.

And better yet...become an affiliate for the product and include a shortened version of your affiliate link, whenever you tweet, post or toss your praise around.

You’ll earn <number of dollars> for every click-through sale, plus my unbelievable amounts of appreciation.

CLICK HERE to enroll, and email me at <email> if you need any help at all. Your support means to world to me.

Thank you so much, <fan’s name>.

<your signature>

Then, attach the details for your Affiliate Program.

That’s it.  3 steps and you are on your way to a bug successful launch!

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