3 Alarming (but Exciting) Content Marketing Statistics

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January 29, 2014 by

Content marketing—including blogs, webinars, and white papers—is the heartbeat of successful digital marketing.

It can make a boring product exciting, a confusing message clear, a soulless website come alive, and perhaps most exciting of all, the catalyst to growing your company—and your career.

Most marketing leaders agree on the importance of content marketing. But when it comes their talent having the skills necessary to execute successful content marketing, that's another story.

Straight from OMI's State of Digital Marketing Talent study, here are 3 content marketing statistics that will get your attention... and hopefully get you pumped about the tremendous opportunities we all have in front of us!

Content marketing statistic #1

Content marketing is the 3rd most critical skill for digital marketing talent, behind analytics and email marketing. Tweet this stat!

content marketing statistic

Content Marketing Statistic #2

59% of marketing & ad execs don't believe their talent has what it takes to be very successful in content marketing. Tweet this stat!


content marketing statistic

Content Marketing Statistic #3

68% of advertising and Fortune 500 leaders believe content marketing is a very important skill for applicants to digital marketing positions. Tweet this stat!

content marketing statistic

So we all agree on the value of smart content marketing—now it's time to get great at it.

There's no better time to turn content marketing into a competitive advantage for your company and your career than now.

For companies, that means shifting resources to content marketing, and improving your talent's skills through internal training and education, including certifications and team training. As our study found, most marketers aren't great content marketers, so the sooner your team gets up-to-speed, the further behind your competition will be.

For individuals, that means improving your content marketing skills, and getting more involved with content marketing, whether at your company, or through outside projects, such as building a personal blog and guest posting.

In tomorrow's post, I will dive deep into ways companies and individuals can turn content marketing into their secret weapon for success in 2014! Stay tuned.

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